Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company

Insureds Policy/Bill Options
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Credit Card/Bank Account Payments

  Would you like to make a payment using a credit card or electronic check?  We offer a secure way to pay your bill online.

  Grain Dealers Policies:   Pay your bill online or learn more about your payment options.

  Main Street America Policies:   Pay your bill online or learn more about your payment options.

View Policy Details

  For your convenience, Grain Dealers also offers you the ability to view policy information online.  Viewing policy information requires an online account.  Note: Accounts set up for credit card payments cannot be used to view policy information. You will need to create a separate account.

  If you do not yet have an account to view your policy information, you will need to create one.  If you have already created this online account, you may simply log in.


  Grain Dealers Policies:   Contact the Policyholder Service Center at (800) 486-4567 between 8 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. (ET) or send an email for assistance.

  Main Street America Policies:   Contact your local independent insurance agent for additional questions regarding your policy if it is written with another Main Street America carrier besides Grain Dealers Mutual.