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Buying a Car?

  If you are thinking about buying a car, you will find some helpful information below.

  It is very important to do your research before purchasing a vehicle. You can find useful information on the Kelly Blue Book web site and the Edmunds web site. Once you have found a car you wish to purchase, you may want to run a Carfax report on the vehicle. Many times a car dealership will run the report for you if you ask. It is important to know the history of the car you are buying to make a more educated decision on your large purchase.
  • Make sure you test drive the car whether it is new or used. It will give you a feel to see if you like the way the car rides and drives. You should feel comfortable in the car.

  • Check around the outside of the car for dents, dings, scratches, and rust spots. You may also want to check the interior for stains and holes.

  • If it is a used car from a private owner, ask why they are selling it. You may be surprised what they will tell you.

  • On all new and certified cars, ask about the warranty and if an extended warranty can be purchased.

  • If the vehicle is new or certified, ask about Gap Insurance. This coverage is generally helpful if you have an accident. Make sure the coverage is completely explained to you. Some insurance companies are starting to sell Gap Insurance, but it can also be purchased from the dealership.

  • It is important to ask questions and have everything explained completely to you. The more information you have the better your decision will be.