Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance Company

Buying a Home?

  If you have considered buying a home there are a few tips below that may help when making your purchasing decision.
  • Ask the sellers or Realtor if they have had any claims or losses on the home. This will give you an indication of what may happen in the future and how well maintained the home has been.

  • Ask about crime in the area. You may be able to review crime reports on-line through your local police station.

  • Keep in mind the school systems for your children and also for resale value.

  • Ask if the home is in a flood zone. If it is, there is an extra insurance policy that is required due to the fact that your standard homeowners policy does not cover flooding. The additional policy may cost more than originally anticipated for insurance.

  • Drive around the area in the evening or on the weekends to look at what the neighborhood is like when the neighbors are home.

  • Consider hiring an outside inspector to inspect the home before purchasing it. That way you can gain an outside prospective with no ties to the mortgage company or the Realtor.

  • Call your insurance agent for a quote before you purchase the home.

  • Ask about the cost of taxes on the home or in the area if the home is brand new. This will help you plan and look at the entire picture of how much the home will cost.

  • Ask about the utilities available in the area and the general price per month/year.

  • You may want to define the land you are purchasing so there is no disagreement with neighbors after the purchase has gone through.